Relief & Non Relief Items Supply

Supply Of Relief & Non Relief Items

"Supplying Smiles, One Item at a Time: Relief & Non-Relief."

At Daisy General Trading Co. Ltd, we are dedicated to providing essential relief and non-relief items to communities, organizations, and individuals in times of crisis and for everyday needs. Our commitment to swift delivery, quality products, and compassionate service sets us apart as a reliable partner for addressing urgent requirements and improving lives.

As a specialized supplier of relief and non-relief items, we have extensive experience in serving various sectors, including disaster response, humanitarian aid, healthcare, education, and general commodities supply. We understand the urgency of delivering critical supplies promptly, as well as providing long-term solutions for sustainable development.

Products we supply include:

Relief Items
    • Emergency Food Kits: Nutritious and ready-to-eat food supplies for disaster-stricken communities.
    • Shelter Materials: Tents, blankets, and temporary shelters for those displaced by disasters or conflicts.
    • Clean Water Solutions: Water purification units and supplies to ensure access to safe drinking water.
    • Medical and Hygiene Kits: Essential medical supplies and hygiene products to support health and well-being.
Non-Relief Items
      • Educational Supplies: Books, stationery, and learning materials to empower students and schools.
      • Household Essentials: Kitchenware, home appliances, and basic necessities for everyday living.
      • Personal Care Products: Hygiene items, toiletries, and personal care products for individuals and families.
      • Construction Materials: Building materials and tools for construction and infrastructure projects.
Clients and Outreach:

We have partnered with various humanitarian organizations, NGOs, governments, and businesses to respond to emergencies and support community development initiatives worldwide. Our client network includes a diverse range of stakeholders who share our commitment to making a difference.

Join hands with Daisy General Trading Company to create a lasting impact on lives, provide hope, and build resilient communities in times of need and beyond. “Together, let’s make a difference.”


Our Core Values in Relief & Non-Relief Supply:
  • Humanitarian Impact: Our primary focus is to make a positive impact on vulnerable communities and individuals through the timely supply of relief items.
  • Quality Assurance: We uphold the highest standards in sourcing and delivering products, ensuring their reliability and functionality.
  • Empathy and Compassion: We approach our work with empathy and compassion, understanding the needs of those we serve.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: We collaborate with NGOs, government agencies, and organizations to maximize our reach and effectiveness.
  • Sustainability: We aim to foster long-term sustainable development by providing non-relief items that contribute to communities’ growth and well-being.

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